What is Sonic Branding and 7 Reasons Why is Sonic Branding Important than ever

What is Sonic Branding and 7 Reasons Why is Sonic Branding Important

We all know that how sound plays a vital part in our lives. Its importance in the modern-day world and digital society is increasing. Today’s competitive marketplace is loaded with modern ideas, innovative products, and exciting companies, which is why branding is more important than ever. So it’s no surprise that Sound is also playing an important part in modern branding. This is where Sonic Branding or Audio Branding comes into the picture.

What is Sonic Branding?

When sound is used as a trademark to identify a particular brand, i.e people identify a brand by a particular sound, for example, you recognize intel, Apple, Netflix from their respective sounds, this is what we call sonic branding.

If you’re a ’90s kid, you’d take it to MGM i.e, the lion roars before the Tom and Jerry show. This era is known as the audible era, intelligent speakers like Alexa, Siri, and many such will do in the future. The sonic branding or sound trademark would be one of the most intelligent choices in the current scenario.

In short, sonic branding is the voice of a brand. Whether it’s the default ringtone on the Apple iPhone, Airtel India’s iconic tune, The McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” or It’s the “Intel Inside” jingle, all of them are the best of Audio Branding or Sonic Branding or Sound Trademark ever created.

Why Sonic Branding?

Sonic branding gets attention and creates strong brand recognition. In an environment filled with information, attention may be your brand’s rarest asset. Adding sound to your brand identity may help you get the attention you’re looking for. 

Don’t you think about how small audio has that impact? As compared to visual advertising audio branding is more influential, as a unique and catchy jingle can make people recognize your brand. Let’s discuss 7 reasons why is Sonic Branding Important:

7 Reasons why is Sonic Branding Important

Sonic branding can be more influential than visual advertising because a distinctive, catchy tune will make people recall your brand. Many studies have shown that music and sound affect the limbic part of the human brain, which deals with memory and emotions. This is how brand jingles can stick with you.

Do you know in 2019, Mastercard spent $15 million on its new sonic branding. That is how important Sonic Branding is today. Below are the 7 important factors why is Sonic Branding Important than ever:

Sonic Branding gives you Credibility

Sonic branding attracts customers’ attention and hence makes them rely on the brand. And as we already know a customer is the best source of advertisement. When a customer gives credibility to a brand it makes others rely on it too. Hence, audio branding attracts sales and helps your brand get a credible position in the market.

Sonic Branding Enhances the Brand Experience

When your customers experience your brand through a specific sound or music, they learn to associate those distinctive sounds with your company, product, or service. If done well, your customers will immediately think of the music or sound when they think of your brand or think of your brand when they hear the song or sound.

The sounds you choose to use as Audio Branding for your company should provide a quick glimpse of your brand story and DNA. You can convey so much through sound and music that you may not be able to say through words. If you want to help potential customers feel certain about your brand, you can get there faster through sonic branding.

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One of the big transformations which are happening today is the rise of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa (Echo Smart Speaker) and Google Nest. This makes developing a sonic brand far more important than in the past.

According to Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard CMO and author of Quantum Marketing, 25% of U.S. households already use smart speakers. And, these devices are increasingly used for shopping. One forecast predicts smart speaker shipments will total 400 million in 2025, about four times the 2019 estimate.

Sonic Branding helps you stand out in the market

Out of all the old traditional branding methods, Sonic branding makes you stand different. It is a new and much-advanced branding strategy and even the hardly exploited one. According to some studies, the next decade would be dominated by audio. With the evolution of smart speakers and personal assistants, you can easily understand that. Focusing on a futuristic approach and keeping in mind that many brands have still not invested in this field is the right time to switch.

Financial Success

A study shows that for low involvement products such as soap, beards, etc. Sonic branding has encouraged customers to invest, this has increased the sales for brands. So, if we are smart with our audio branding, it will drive a company’s healthy ( both short-term and long-term ) financial success. 

Impacts Customer’s Mood

What is Sonic Branding and 7 Reasons Why is Sonic Branding Important, Audio Branding

Today’s world has a lot of stress for the people, so while choosing an audio/sound for our brand we should consider that it should be soothing to the ears, this will give a calming effect to customers and hence, drive purchase. A study shows that slow and soothing music has higher customer retention.

Makes the Brand Omnipresent

Don’t you want your brand to be omnipresent? We already have other mediums to advertise and even invested in them, but have you ever thought of seeing where your brand stands when there is no medium?

This is when sonic branding comes to play. It makes your brand omnipresent. 


We can say, audio branding gives a voice to your brand, Yes a voice. Your brand can speak uniquely and get recognized by the customer. Of course, it is somewhat a futuristic approach but, but the future isn’t.

So far, the COVID19 has enhanced the audio sector let it be the quality or quantity. People are much into the audible era, online streaming platforms have built a unique opportunity for SONIC BRANDING to come into play.

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